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Hog Island Memories

Most days were chilly and the nights were cold, but the birds, food, and camaraderie at the Puffins & Stuff Reader Rendezvous—based at Hog Island Audubon Camp on the glorious Maine coast—were outstanding. Most attendees (as well as many of the BWD staff) got at least one lifer, and some checked off many.

Atlantic puffins put on quite a show at Eastern Egg Rock, and what an honor and privilege it was to meet the man responsible, Project Puffin’s Dr. Steve Kress. We all had great looks at Arctic, roseate, and common terns, common eiders, black guillemots, purple sandpipers, and three gull species (herring, great black-backed, and laughing), and many of us even scored Virginia rail and razorbill. We watched with fascination as alewives climbed Damarascotta’s beautiful fish ladder, and enjoyed bobolinks and their R2D2-like songs. Rachel and Steve, celebrity ospreys whose nest overlooks the busy camp, seemed indifferent to our activities. (By the way, their three eggs have hatched! Check them out!)

Every meal enjoyed by the participants was delectable, culminating with lobster, and a totally adorable and tasty cream puffin for dessert! Kudos to the amazing staff at Hog Island, especially Eva and Eric, plus Captain Bill and Megan, and the hard-working, talented, and particularly attractive crew of FOHI volunteers, with Juanita at the helm. We are grateful for all they did to make sure we had a great time. We certainly did and we’ll be back!

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If you missed the Rendezvous, or if you want to recapture the spirit of those fun-filled days, you’ll want to check out pictures taken by the BWD staff and attendees.