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We had a great time at Tybee Island!

Some of the Bird Watcher’s Digest staff recently had a wonderful time birding with many of you, our readers, on the Georgia Birding on My Mind Reader Rendezvous. Five days of exploring Coastal Georgia and the South Carolina Low Country scored us more than 120 bird species, including piping plovers, red-cockaded woodpeckers, brown-headed nuthatches, northern gannets, brown pelicans, black skimmers, and so many other coastal specialties. We visited several area wildlife refuges and a few lesser-known hotspots to cover a nice variety of habitats and birds. Sprinkle in some great food, delightful company, and relaxing evenings back at our beachfront base camp in Tybee Island, and you have a top-notch Reader Rendezvous. The highlight for us? Getting to know our readers a little bit better. If you missed this event, please consider joining us next time, as we continue to explore our favorite birding spots around the world.

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