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What birder doesn’t dream of seeing the Brazilian Pantanal?

The Pantanal area is nearly 100,000 square miles of shallow wetlands and woodland patches that are perfect habitat for birds and wildlife. It is the world’s largest tropical wetland, and Brazil is one of the most biodiverse and endemic-rich countries in the world! In addition to exploring the Pantanal, we will also go birding in the cerrado (tropical savanna) and various other habitats in Chapado dos Guimaraes National Park.

Hyacinth macaw photo by Partnership for International Birding.

We should tally more than 200 bird species in nine days, including chestnut-bellied guan, hyacinth macaw, greater rhea, bare-faced curassow, swallow-tailed hummingbird, great-rufous woodcreeper, white-lored spinetail, large-billed antwren, band-tailed manakin, and so much more. Key mammal species include black howler monkey, tufted capuchin, silvery marmoset, giant anteater, crab-eating fox, and Brazilian tapir.

This Rendezvous is capped at 12 attendees for a very personal experience with your guides and nature. We have partnered with Partnership for International Birding (our partners for last year’s Ecuador Rendezvous) to bring you this trip. Our local guide will be the respected Lelis Navarrete—one of the top birding guides in South America; and Dawn Hewitt, BWD editor. Lelis and Dawn—together again, just like the Ecuador RR! This is the perfect trip for first-time bird watchers in Brazil, or for those who have been longing to visit the Pantanal.

Itinerary at a glance:

Silvery marmoset photo by Partnership for International Birding.

Day 1: Arrival into São Paulo before noon, and afternoon flight to Cuiabá.

Day 2: Morning quick transfer from Cuiabá to Fazenda Pouso Alegre with most of the day birding and wildlife watching in the Pantanal.

Days 3 & 4: Two full days of birding and wildlife watching in the Pantanal.

Day 5: Morning Pantanal birding and afternoon transfer to Chapada dos Guimarães National Park.

Day 6 & 7: Two full days birding in Chapada dos Guimarães National Park (with the opportunity to bird various elevations throughout the park).

Day 8: Morning Chapada birding; mid-day travel to Cuiabá; afternoon birding in Mãe Bonifacia Park.

Day 9: Morning transfer to Cuiaba airport and return to São Paulo for flights home.

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Pacing & Mobility

All walking on this Rendezvous is at a birder’s pace, which means slow with many stops to look at birds and wildlife. You must be able to do the following in order to participate in this Rendezvous:

Birding in the Pantanal involves short walks around the lodge grounds and/or nearby trails. These walks are ¼ to ½ mile long. The Pantanal also involves birding by car, with several walks in the 40-100 yard range. The terrain is mostly flat.

Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park involves short continuous walks in the ½ mile to 1.5 mile range. Terrain is mostly gentle slopes. The most challenging walk will be a continuous mile, with several hundred feet elevation gain, and takes about 45 minutes.

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