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Our first-ever women’s tour will explore the birds, habitat, and culture of northern Colombia, including the Colombian Caribbean coast and Santa Marta Mountain region.

Women love birding. They also love traveling with other women! That’s why we’ve thoughtfully designed a tour especially for women who desire a birds-and-culture full immersion into the heart of Colombia, the country with the largest number of bird species in the world!

Women birders atop the Santa Marta Mountains, Dec 2019.

Wendy Clark, BWD publisher, joined the first women’s tour to this region with Nature Colombia in December 2019. When she returned from this life-changing tour, she vowed to share this magical experience with as many new groups of Reader Rendezvous friends as possible, for years to come. Sadly, the global pandemic delayed this opportunity for a year. But ladies, this is our time! We are now ready and excited to invite you to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime tour to Colombia in December 2021! This will be our first-ever Reader Rendezvous for women, and it’s going to be spectacular.

Along with its breathtaking birds, landscapes, and habitats, this tour will introduce you to local Colombian female entrepreneurs who share personal stories about how they rose above cultural expectations and traditions to develop their own local, female-owned-and-operated businesses. Women from indigenous Colombian communities have developed sustainable, local businesses that now incorporate bird watching as a way to support local conservation efforts, and also earn valuable income for their families.

This tour features the birds and habitats of northern Colombia, one of the most unique birding regions in the world, famous for its many endemic species. We will explore a variety of different habitats including high elevation mountains, cloud forests, dry forests, wetlands, mangroves, deserts, and coastal habitats. The Colombian Caribbean region is made up of mostly lowland plains that extend from the northern reaches of the Colombian Andes to the Caribbean Sea characterized by a variety of ecosystems. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains rise from the low-lying plains to snow-capped, mountaintop peaks and are separated from the Andes as an isolated area of rich biodiversity. One of the largest marshes in the country, teeming with birds and wildlife, is the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta. We will tour the main river, the Magdalena, which is fully navigable and a major path for the flow of shipments to and from inland Colombia.

The beautiful people of the Colombian Caribbean region are the result of a racial and cultural mixture of aboriginal people who have inhabited the region since ancient times. When white individuals of Spanish nationality arrived in the Colombian Caribbean in 1499, they also introduced people of diverse African tribes as slaves. As a result of this confluence of ethnicities and cultures, our tour will enjoy a unique array of music, food, traditions, culture, and lifestyles that remain the very heart and soul of northern Colombia.

This tour will be limited to 8 attendees, and it is ideal for friend groups who enjoy birding and traveling together. Wendy Clark, president and publisher of Bird Watcher’s Digest, will co-lead this tour alongside our talented local guides and our tour partner, Nature Colombia.


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Learn more about Wendy’s 2019 trip

On the final day of her December 2019 tour, Wendy recorded a podcast episode of Out There with the Birds, during which attendees described their trip experiences. We hope you’ll enjoy their heartwarming discussion of the extraordinary birds of Colombia, the development of women in business and leadership in South America, and most of all, how our families, our communities, and our world rise to new heights when women love, support, and empower one another.

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